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You Still Have Time… Some Diwali 2016 Events You Won’t Want to Miss!

If you want to know more about South Asian culture and the 1.5 Million people of South Asian descent in Canada, explore the Festival of Diwali! QEQ makes it easy to do some market research with these 2016 Diwali events in Metro Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto!

Why don’t Specialty Food Retailers Embrace the Whole Community?

As World Food Day approaches, we look at the movement towards sustainable, eco-friendly foods and why the Whole Foods trend is leaving ethnic consumers behind...

Canada Quotes: What can Canadian Businesses Do to Make the World More Peaceful?

After seeing Drake's billboard about Peace, we got to thinking: How could Canadians make the World a more Inclusive Place? So we asked some prominent Canadians One question in honour of the United Nation's International Day of Peace (Sept 21)...

What’s that Date? Harvest Festivals Wax and Wane with the Moon

Why do the Dates of Cultural Festivals vary Year to Year? Hint: It may have more to do with the Moon than a Certain Day on a Calendar...

Vancouver: Tourism Marketing and the Bad Case of ‘Stop-Over Syndrome’

Sorry, Vancity, in the overseas travel market you're often misunderstood. That's why you suffer from 'Stop Over Syndrome'. But QEQ has the prescription: Vancouver's Tourism Make-Over!

CASE STUDY: Engaging Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Communities

Case Study of Winnipeg's Aboriginal Communities - The Aboriginal Consumer and Some Facts that Might Surprise You...

Ethnic Marketing Spotlight: Team QEQ Preps for Vaisakhi Parade Activations

What is Team QEQ doing to get ready for Vaisakhi this year? Parades, booths and More...Read our Blog to learn our Vaisakhi Marketing Insider Tips!

How the Tourism Industry can help Syrian Refugees

How can BC's Tourism Industry help Syrian Refugees that have come here to resettle? It's about more than just handing out activity brochures...

Honouring World TV Day (Nov 21) with the Do’s and Don’ts of Multicultural Commercials

World TV Day is coming on Nov 21st! In honour of that, we showcase some of the BEST Multicultural Commercials! You might want to take a peek at these 3 ads, before making your own. Are they Winners or are they Bloopers? Watch and See...

Three of Our Favourite Diwali Commercials

As Diwali approaches (Nov 11th, 2015), we take a look at our top picks for Diwali-inspired commercials! See which ones made the cut, and more importantly, why South Asian consumers loved them...

About Us

Alisa Choi Darcy

Quote EndQuote Cross Cultural Strategy Inc. (QEQ) specializes in helping small, medium and large organizations and their ad agencies build relevance with Canada’s Asian and South Asian communities.

Using an integrated approach, we work in partnership with brand strategists, marketing managers, ad agencies, and sales departments, so that they can create culturally-relevant brands and consumer experiences.

Tactics could include developing original TV, radio, print or out-of-home creative, transliteration of existing English creative, booking ethnic media, engaging consumers in social media, or using our multi-lingual team to generate leads or activate your event booth. We do what it takes to help corporations reach out to Canada’s visible minorities and make the sale.

Organizations that can build awareness, generate trial, trust, relevance and consumer loyalty among culturally-diverse ethnic market segments can also attract engaging culturally-diverse employees — multicultural employees who can open doors and put out the welcome mat.

To maintain or increase market share in their industry sector, leading organizations doing business in Canada have already adopted a mission, vision and values that incorporate sustainable diversity practices.

To learn more, contact Alisa Choi Darcy, President, or any QEQ team member.


By guiding organizations to adopt more inclusive marketing strategies,

we’re helping immigrants integrate more fully into Canadian society.