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Our Team

QEQ’s team is a culturally-diverse pool of passionate people who possess excellent academic and professional credentials spanning (though not limited to) business management, marketing, advertising, human resources, and immigrant settlement services.

We customize teams to suit our clients’ requirements based upon the client’s industry and desired outcome. Active in their own communities, the word-of-mouth advertising generated by  our team is worth their weight not only in RMBs, HK dollars, Rupees, Yen, or RKW, but most importantly, the almighty Canadian dollar (or toonie).

Overseeing QEQ’s team is president Alisa Choi Darcy. With over 25 years experience in the marketing and advertising industry in Canada and U.S., Alisa brings vision and cultural insights to help clients tap into key ethnic communities that make up their target market. Prior to starting QEQ, Alisa was an Account Manager at Channel M Television (now OMNI TV), where she provided strategic counsel to clients on how to reach over 20 different cultural communities, including Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin-speaking), South Asian (Punjabi/Hindi/Urdu/Tamil-speaking), Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Iranian, Russian, Afro-Caribbean,and German, to name a few.

Having worked on both sides of the ad agency / media sales relationship, Alisa utilizes cultural insights, research and experience to project and maximize each client’s ROI. By taking a leadership position in multicultural marketing and diversity and inclusion business practices, organizations can positively impact the bottom-line. Increase consumer loyalty from Canada’s fastest growing, yet predominantly underserved, multicultural segments.