Quote EndQuote Cross-Cultural Strategy

Why QEQ?

Our Vision: Commitment to Building Social Capital

We take our roles as corporate citizens seriously. We work hand in hand with society at large striving to promote communication, understanding and respect between the “visible minority” markets we serve and the corporations that serve them — thereby advancing the promotion of social capital.

We don’t just prescribe consumer and staff engagement during Chinese New Year and Vaisakhi. Nor do we believe in any standard procedures or practices for your marketing success. Rather, we partner with our clients to develop strategies to meet every new challenge (…and we love challenges) which a client presents to us based upon the cultural values, traditions, needs and desires of their multicultural consumers, employees and suppliers.

Our client support does not stop there. We go those extra 2.2 kilometres by offering to our clients the expertise of our panel of cultural advisors — people from all walks of life — multicultural consumers, established immigrants and new to Canada, each bringing to the table their valuable cultural insights and experiences.

As Canadian citizens and residents, we aim to share in and coexist with each other. Towards this goal, we volunteer time and resources to engage in a variety of social welfare initiatives including awareness of racially discriminatory marketing, social and employment practices, youth violence, gang awareness and prevention, violence/discrimination within visible minority groups, and illiteracy in English or French. Below are some of the ongoing initiatives which we engaged in as part of our mandate to build social capital:

Canadian Work Experience Initiative

Statistics Canada report that visible minorities have not enjoyed the same employment opportunities or income levels that non-visible minorities have. Without a professional support network, the newly immigrated face even greater employment challenges, even when language is not a barrier.  To aid in their transition, QEQ offers internships. We provide the opportunity to learn Canadian business practices through on-the-job training, network with those in their industry and gain valuable “Canadian” experience.  In return, we gain a set of “fresh eyes” and first-hand anecdotes relating to their past and present lifestyle trends.  This helps us maintain an up-to-date barometer of Canada’s cultural, corporate and immigration welcome mat.

Cultural Activities

QEQ has dedicated multicultural marketing expertise to mainstream events and attractions such as the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. The idea behind this was to demonstrate to newcomers that Canada could be fun and culturally rich too. Using an inclusive approach to marketing, we also wanted to show newcomers that they are welcome and respected in their host country. In addition, participating in the multifarious community/cultural activities gives newcomers a taste of what is Canadian.

Bridging multicultural media

QEQ’s support also includes reaching out to ethnic media, providing them with the opportunity to experience and learn about our clients’ products and services. QEQ provides ‘in-language’ information to enable the media to communicate the desired information to their multicultural audiences. Our successful collaboration with ethnic media for Vancouver, Coast & Mountains tourism region proves that working together serves to support new immigrants and increase their comfort level of exploring their home province.

Fostering cross-cultural engagement

We realize that while we continue to engage with and find new ways of building social capital, we can always help in other small albeit more invisible ways. The predominant North American-style of communication — vocal variety, direct eye contact, body language, active listening – is often foreign to our new and ESL immigrants.  In addition, mainstream Canadians sometimes don’t know how to approach newcomers, worried they may accidentally offend or embarrass them. As a Toastmasters International Division E Area Governor in Richmond, BC, the president of QEQ, a visible minority herself, serves as an inspiration and mentor to Toastmaster club members. In Richmond, which is one of the most culturally-diverse municipalities of Canada, many newer members are immigrants of mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, South Asian, Filipino, and South East Asian heritage.