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Canada Quotes: What can Canadian Businesses Do to Make the World More Peaceful?

Posted by Vanessa Vachet | 09.21.16


Drake Captured Canada's Peaceful Ways in a Catchy Billboard. But we ask: could Canadians do More for World Peace?

Drake Captured Canada’s Peaceful Ways in a Catchy Billboard. But we ask: could Canadians do More for World Peace?


When Canada’s top hip hop/rap artist Drake took it upon himself to draft a billboard in the USA proclaiming Canada’s peaceful ways and asking Americans to follow our lead, it wasn’t boastful. It was simply the truth. Canada is known worldwide as a friendly, tolerant and peaceful nation.


In honour of the United Nation’s International Day of Peace on September 21st , we wondered, beyond our humanitarian and peacekeeping initiatives, could Canada set an even better example? What about Canadian businesses? Could Canadian corporations be leaders for world peace? So we asked ethnic media, immigrant and refugee service providers, prominent business leaders and people on the street this question:


“In your opinion, what is the ONE THING that Canadian businesses can do to make the world more peaceful?”


These quotes could be the start of something big. After all, the smallest ripples can turn into tidal waves of change.


And this holds true for organizations that have head offices outside of Canada…




“Since peace is about people getting along, I would say that Canadian businesses could encourage a deeper and richer understanding and appreciation of other cultures, values and norms. Encourage diversity in the workplace, celebrate and showcase the cultures of your employees, and then promote this narrative across borders, to all your company subsidiaries and parent offices in other nations.”

 –  Mike Muyal, Director of Marketing, Newell Rubbermaid@marketeermik


Other suggestions apply to corporate sponsorships…



A Quote from Kris Jonasson, Executive Director, BC Golf Assoc.

A Quote from Kris Jonasson, Executive Director, BC Golf Assoc.


Yet, some changes still need to be addressed within Canadian businesses. Global changes often need to start from the inside-out…




“Pay inequity is often at the root of many a conflict. Businesses need to minimize pay gaps between top-tier management and shop floor employees.”  

–    George Abraham, Publisher, New Canadian Media, @newcdnmedia



Other responses addressed basic survival issues that affect the global population…




“Wars are waged over oil and gas. The next will be about safe sources of food and water. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has the highest food inspection standards in the world. Canada also has vast tracts of land that have never even been farmed. So, let’s createa UN-sponsored Feed the Poor project here! We could be the world’s bread basket!”

 –    Robert A. Arthurs, Senior Manager of Export Development (agri-foods) BC Ministry of International Trade



Other responses spoke of corporate social responsibility…


A Soon-To-Be- Famous Quote from QEQ President Alisa Choi Darcy

A Soon-To-Be- Famous Quote from QEQ President Alisa Choi Darcy


And the importance of  an inclusive and diverse workplace culture…



“Canadian business can play a significant role in making the world more peaceful by embracing the notion of inclusion. Beyond having a diverse workforce, workplaces that include everyone in their decision-making and leadership can share in each other’s strengths. They can also share their perspectives on the world, which can help foster a more welcoming and tolerant atmosphere for everyone.”

–    Katie Rosenberger, AMSSA’s executive director, @amssabc


Other issues come into play that can also affect world peace, such as gender inequality…



“In business and politics, female representation is important. It can transform conflict. Canadian businesses can set an example by encouraging women to be more involved in conflict resolution and peaceful global initiatives.”

–    Michael Cunningham President, PacRim Group Director, Globe Foundation


Have these quotes inspired you to make some changes in your company, or the way you do business? Maybe there’s something you could be doing right now to make your community, your country, and the world a more peaceful place? Share your ideas using #QEQworldpeace and let’s start the conversation.

Wishing you peace, at work, in your vision, at home, and in your heart,

Alisa Choi Darcy, Founder, Quote EndQuote Cross-Cultural Strategy Inc.

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We would like to thank all those who provided us with quotes. Happy International Day of Peace!