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Happy new year! We are new interns! / 謹賀新年

Posted by QEQ Intern | 01.12.15

Here are some of our teammates hard at work!

Happy new year! We, Hunter and Masa, are the new internship students at QEQ. We are international Business Management students from a business school here in Vancouver. We studied in class for three months, before we started our four-week internship.

Hello:-) My name is Chiken (Hunter) MASUDA. I’m from Nagano, Japan. A few months ago, a massive earthquake happened at my home town, so I think you might be familiar with my city. I’m working on QEQ search engine optimization and some other projects. My major in university was computer science, so that’s why I’m doing something related to websites. Nice to meet you, guys! Arigatogozaimasu! (Thank you in Japanese.)

Hello guys! My name is Masayuki Irie. Please call me Masa. I’m from Kyoto, Japan. My home town is famous for Matcha, temples such as Kinkaku-ji, which Steve Jobs loved. haha I’m responsible for coordinating some marketing projects with our QEQ teammates. I will take over another intern’s tasks starting next Monday because she will finish her internship! I will miss you, Yujin!! Nice to meet you guys! O-kini! (Thank you in Japanese in Kansai)

In our first week, we already learned so much, such as English marketing terminology, how to structure a presentation, and how to act in a business meeting. At the end of our first week, we were SO tired because we were not used to thinking in English all the time. It is great that there are other interns including us. We can help each other out when one of us has a problem. If we can’t figure out a solution, or want to learn about proper business procedures in Canada, we can always ask Tina or Alisa, who is the president of QEQ. If you have any questions, please contact us! Thank you for reading our post!


新年明けましておめでとございます.Quote EndQuoteで働かせて頂いている増田知賢と入江真之です.私たちはKing George International Business College(KGIBC)でBusiness Managementコースを取っています.そのコースの一環でここ,カナダの企業で働く経験をさせて頂いてます.おそらく,この記事を読める人はかなり限られていますが,1人でも多くの人に読んで頂き,参考になれば幸いです.私たちは1月間ここ,QEQで働くことになりました.この経験は,きっと今後の私たちの為になると思っています.正直,言語の壁や文化の違いがあり大変なこともあります.しかし,それは知らないことを知れるきっかけになるので良い経験をさせて貰っていると思います.私たちがQEQでの仕事を終える時,社長が評価として公式ドキュメントを書いてくださるのが,ここのインターンの良いところだと思います.学校との大きな違いは英語を学ぶか,実際に学んだ事を使えるか,だと考えています.なので,学校で学んだことを活かせるように頑張って行きたいです.きっとQEQだけでなく,どこかで働くということはとても良い経験になります.また,一ヶ月だけですがCanadianのビジネスを間近で見れるので機会のある人は是非働くという経験をしてみてください!

— interns Chiken (Hunter) Masuda and Masayuki Irie from Japan