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What Asians are missing…

Posted by QEQ Intern | 05.27.12

In the Lower Mainland, nearly 35% of the population are Asian immigrants, but not many Asians are aware of the joy of hiking that the region has to offer. There are panoramic mountain top views, tranquil lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, and breath-taking alpine scenery just a few kilometers away from the city.

Unlike many parks and mountains in Asia where trails are often jammed with throngs of hikers, most trails here have no litter, and no crowds, and are still wild and serene. Pacific Spirit Regional Park, for example, is an immense park near UBC where its size is nearly double that of the world-famous Stanley Park.  Many beautiful trails within Pacific Spirit Park are generally flat and easy, and great for new hikers, and all hikers who love the beauty of nature; yet, the park is only visited by a few local hikers. So, whenever you feel tired or stressed, do what I do and go for a short hike in the woods.  Do not hesitate to drop your pen and close your laptop for an afternoon, or early evening and join a few local hikers in the fresh air!  — Posted by QEQ Intern, Philip Cho, from Korea.

Entrance of Pacific Spirit Regional Park: Can hardly find other hikers