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It’s the Year of the Wooden or ‘Green’ Sheep. What does that mean for Your Sign? Read Your 2015 Chinese Horoscope! Sign of the Rabbit…

Posted by Vanessa Vachet | 02.11.15

As of Feb 19th, the Year will change from the Year of the Horse to the Year of the Wood or ‘Green’ Sheep/ Goat.

We will be Highlighting all 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our Blog Page to find out what 2015 has in store for You!

Your 2015 Forecast for the Sign of the RABBIT

Sign of the Rabbit

Sign of the Rabbit



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Positive Traits: Wise, Calm, Gentle, Easy-Going, Docile and Thoughtful

Negative Traits: Sensitive, Emotional, Cunning, Possessive and Indecisive


In the Year of the Green Sheep, your natural instincts will be challenged and you will have to learn to adapt. There is a new type of energy in the air, one that confuses you and has you out of sorts. You may find yourself acting out of character and should refrain from making life-changing decisions. Focus on yourself and your mental well-being and you should get through 2015 without any issues.


This year you will stay connected to friends and family, but be careful who you choose to share your time with. Friendships are set to change this year and you might need to prune out bad relationships now and then.


In 2015, there will be tension in the family. Rabbits will be witness to some unfortunate domestic squabbles and they will feel obligated to look after someone close to them whose health is ailing. You’ll be trying to balance work, family and your new nursing role, so you may feel stressed.


Rabbits may feel that they are not in the correct working environment and that they are being pulled in too many directions. Your instincts are usually right, but you’ll have to be pro-active this year in order to change things and make the right things happen.


Needless to say, you’ll be working extremely hard. Emotionally, you will be feeling the strain! Take comfort in close relationships and take some time off, to re-assess your life and your work. Think about what you really want to do. During this time, a new self-confidence will emerge and you will learn to get in touch with your innermost needs and desires.


♠ Career: The Year of the Sheep predicts some challenges in the career field. You may find yourself being more timid and cautious than usual. This will be especially true in your professional life. You may find yourself shying away from confrontation, which could be detrimental to your career. Don’t let yourself get pushed around, or you may suffer career setbacks.


♦ Wealth: This year, your finances might go out of tune. Your instincts are off, so youmay be tempted to make financial decisions that you normally wouldn’t. Avoid making impulsive choices because there could be unwanted expenditures this year, as well as a period of low income. So, if you can help it, try to avoid any major purchases.


♥ Love: In the Year of the Sheep, old bonds grow stronger and the weak links just drop to the wayside. But, your emotions could be a major hindrance in your love life because you’re not quite sure how to handle them. Resolve to change your behavior and work on being more open about how you’re feeling. The Rabbit will attract many new people in 2015. But, it’s easy for the Rabbit to be persuaded with smooth words and that is what you should always be wary of. Don’t worry. Rabbits are intelligent and this gives you a great opportunity to practice your truth-detecting skills.


♣ Health: Rabbits could be prone to depression and worry and that could take a toll on your general health. It might be a good idea to talk to someone and get some professional advice. Another way to deal with the turmoil you may be feeling is to find a new hobby or skill that can distract you. So pick something that sounds interesting or that you’ve always wanted to try and make it your goal for 2015.


Sources: (Image courtesy of: Beijing Travel)