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It’s the Year of the Wooden or ‘Green’ Sheep. What does that mean for Your Sign? Read Your 2015 Chinese Horoscope! Sign of the Dog…

Posted by Vanessa Vachet | 02.18.15


As of Feb 19th, the Year will change from the Year of the Horse to the Year of the Wood or ‘Green’ Sheep/ Goat.

We will be Highlighting all 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our Blog Page to find out what 2015 has in store for You!


Your 2015 Forecast for the Sign of the DOG

Sign of the Dog

Sign of the Dog


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Positive Traits: Reliable, Intellectual, Devoted, Resourceful and Honest

Negative Traits: Introverted, Nosy, Anxious, Cynical and Moody


For people who fall under the sign of the Dog, 2015 is the year to support your friends, relatives and co-workers. You may not always feel like it, but this ‘chore’ is really a blessing in disguise. Dog people often experience insecurity and friends and family will insulate you from feelings of inadequacy. Speak your mind and discuss things openly. Keeping things to yourself will only worsen situations.


Though it might not always look like it, this horoscope year will be a time of abundance. You will realise the value of your social circles and will recognise how this social interaction helps to keep you grounded. In fact, with all that love and support, it is an excellent time for those wanting to start families. This may or may not be planned, however, so expect a surprise, if you don’t take precautions.


Work opportunities will abound for Dogs this year. Flex your artistic muscles or use your skills of diplomacy and tact at the office. This is necessary because the job of dealing with tricky customers will be entrusted to you. Impress your boss by handling these difficult jobs with grace and ease. In fact, you’ll be highly regarded as a result of your calm approach.


Dogs could easily embark on extra study this horoscope year. Identify the skill set you will need in order to advance further in the workplace. Fortune will favour you if you do and your conscientious endeavours will not go unrewarded. There will also be opportunities to travel for work. You would be foolish not to go. Those who make lame excuses will come across as lacking in self-confidence.


Try not to over-indulge this year as this could cause trouble with weight gain. Keep an eye on that scale. Do some weight-bearing exercises to help strengthen your bones. And if you have trouble sleeping, because your mind is too active, try meditation or Yoga, to achieve that Zen-like peace.


♠ Career: If there’s a job to be done, chances are you’re the one to step up and do it. People love that about you! Maybe they love it a little too much. Better to step back and let others take on some of the work. The small projects add up fast and you could find yourself burning out. It will ease some of the pressure at work if you let a co-worker join a new team or project. If you think others may not be able to get the job done right, it could be time to realize that your way isn’t always the only way.


♦ Wealth: In the year of the Sheep your finances will be okay. However, don’t expect a windfall. There could be some resentment towards you, owing to some bad financial deals that you may have had a hand in. Therefore, maintain caution when you mix money with friends.


♥ Love: In 2015, relationships will flourish and mutual happiness and satisfaction will be achieved. If single, increase your social activities during April, July, November and December. Those are your best months to find new love. You don’t need to worry though. All year, you will be overwhelmed with opportunities to converse and mix with the opposite sex. There will be an initial and strong attraction to artsy types. You could have a sudden desire to get married. If this happens, a long engagement is recommended. Be absolutely sure that you are in love with the person, not just in love with the idea of love.


♣ Health: Take care of your physical health. You need to be in top shape in order to achieve your goals in 2015. Do not let fatigue spoil your future. Opt for healing therapies that can give you relaxation and relief from stress. You’re also lacking exercise. You’re so focused on your career, you’ll let everything slip by the wayside, including your health. Get outdoors and start moving, or you could suffer stress-related illnesses.


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