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It’s the Year of the Wooden or ‘Green’ Sheep. What does that mean for Your Sign? Read Your 2015 Chinese Horoscope! Sign of the Dragon…

Posted by Vanessa Vachet | 02.12.15

As of Feb 19th, the Year will change from the Year of the Horse to the Year of the Wood or ‘Green’ Sheep/Goat.


We will be highlighting all 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our Blog Page to find out what 2015 has in store for You!


Your 2015 Forecast for the Sign of the DRAGON


Sign of the Dragon

Sign of the Dragon


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Positive Traits: Original, Confident, Resourceful, Adaptable and Just

Negative Traits: Arrogant, Critical, Unpredictable and sometimes Quick-Tempered


This year your career will be your focus. Never has this sign been more meticulous and thorough than in 2015, the Year of the Sheep. Dragons will spark new ideas and make lucrative business deals. Because you’re driven to succeed, you will work harder than ever before and you will reap the rewards! You will benefit not only financially, but also gain recognition from others, and perhaps even a promotion.


Dragon people will be little a busy in 2015. There will be a lot of domestic travel and the pace of life will be fast and furious. No worries — luckily, you Dragons thrive in this kind of atmosphere! Family and friends, on the other hand, may feel left-out and neglected by your busy schedule. There could even be sharp words exchanged and some arguments. Dragons may lash out, because you will have to release the tension and stresses of work. Fortunately, your outbursts will be short-lived and others will forgive you easily.


Financial investments should be arranged with care, maybe by a professional. Don’t get greedy though.  Those who are tempted by the rich pickings of the trading markets could easily suffer huge losses. Steer clear of what you don’t truly understand.


You may join new groups in 2015 — maybe with a spiritual focus? You will be drawn to off-beat scientific theories and eccentric people. The Dragon has a strong spiritual side, even if it’s sometimes hidden. New ideas and philosophies will intrigue you. The important thing is to r e l a x. You will feel everything more deeply this year and you need to make sure that your emotions don’t control your life. In 2015, that will be your toughest challenge.


Career: Your job will keep you busy this year. A job promotion is possible, and if you can handle the added responsibilities, you will be a great success! If you’re not quite sure you can handle it, then you should ask for help. A Sheep Year often represents friends, co-workers or relatives. These people can assist you. Build your network of supporters and watch out for your unpredictable emotions. Being so close to the surface, they could interfere with your career.


Wealth: Your financial status fluctuates in 2015. You will experience periods where money seems to flow in and there will be other times when it seems there is not enough. Disputes over money could arise. Dragon people should use their wisdom to discuss and negotiate a deal. You may have made good money last year, but don’t spend too freely. Instead, spend some time at home. Improve your cooking and dinner hosting skills. If investing is irresistible, consult an experienced advisor at the very least.


Love: Your love prospects are fair in 2015. If you’re single and female, then you have a good chance to meet someone. Don’t rush it though! Love needs time to build its foundation. If you’re a single male, then you would be advised to increase your social activities, especially during March, August, September and November. Don’t forget your other loved ones. Remember to make your existing relationships a priority. This is a time for stretching your feelings. Contribute your magic to the lives of your loved ones and don’t forget to compromise. You’re in for a pleasant surprise if you do.


 Health: Though you may deal with the stresses and strains at work, you would be well advised to take time out occasionally. You may need more exercise in the Year of the Sheep. So, reserve time for outdoor pursuits like walking or running. Focus on preventative health measures. Try some restorative yoga, daily meditation or morning strolls. Even pedicures can be good medicine. This is a time for cultivating healthy emotional habits and coping skills. When you feel anger approaching, count to 15 instead of 10.


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