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It’s the Year of the Wooden or ‘Green’ Sheep. What does that mean for Your Sign? Read Your 2015 Chinese Horoscope! Sign of the Horse…

Posted by Vanessa Vachet | 02.14.15

As of Feb 19th, the Year will change from the Year of the Horse to the Year of the Wood or ‘Green’ Sheep/ Goat.

We will be Highlighting all 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our Blog Page to find out what 2015 has in store for You!

Your 2015 Forecast for the Sign of the HORSE

Sign of the Horse

Sign of the Horse

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Positive Traits: Vivacious, Witty, Independent, Refined and Flexible

Negative Traits: Selfish, Volatile, Impatient, Vain and sometimes Meddling

The Horse is in luck! You will enjoy a very positive period in The Year of the Goat. In 2015, you will embark on a journey of personal development and self- improvement. For one thing, there will be less daydreaming. Instead, you will face realities head on. It may sound harsh, but through this you will discover new dimensions to your personality and will engage in a deeply passionate relationship with other compatible souls.

Relationships will be under scrutiny in 2015. You’ll have two choices: either bail out or stick to your guns and be determined to make things better. For singles, the Year of the Sheep is an excellent time for love. Relationships formed this year are likely to be lasting because horses will crave meaningful friendships and relationships. There will be no shortage of passion this year! So get ready for a full social calendar!

The Year of the Sheep will be very rewarding in terms of career. You will find new respect from others and be noticed by seniors and directors of companies. Your patience and attention to detail means that they may even give you a promotion! You might even find yourself taking evening classes in an effort to advance your career. It’s a great time to go back to school. Do anything to add to your experience and expand your knowledge. Having some extra credentials will serve you well as you deal with the challenges life is throwing at you.

You’re going to have to prove your worth this year. It won’t be easy, but challenge has its own rewards and everything will feel so much more intense this year. Be aware: there will be many obstacles ahead, but you will rise to the challenge! You will work your way through this year and you will come out stronger than ever.

♠Career: You’re almost guaranteed to succeed because Horses are hardworking and are able to work well on their own. You normally take positions that others can’t handle because your zodiac sign is able to balance any challenge and succeed in the end. So, whatever you’re doing, keep going! Make that pitch. Go for that promotion! You can scarcely fail! However, you’ll do best by listening to your associates and bringing them into your confidence. You’ll go faster on your own, but this is a year to go even farther, and it takes a group dynamic to achieve this.

♦ Wealth: In the Year of the Sheep, you are advised to stay away from risky ventures. Build your savings instead. This is because the uncertainties of life may put pressure on your financial life. Avoid high value purchases for the year and focus on managing the essentials in life. And don’t forget to cultivate the wealth that money can’t buy: Good friends, solid health, fond memories and knowledge. See if you can’t improve your value as a person and a citizen. Then everything will be fuller, even your glass of wine.

♥ Love: Your love life should be mostly trouble-free this year. If you’re attached, you will lean on your partner more than ever, taking comfort from them and drawing strength from them. If single, it won’t be for long! Gone are the days when you were on your knees begging for romantic satisfaction. This year, you’ll be having a little less conversation and a little more action (wink wink)!

♣ Health: You may be immune to darn near everything, but you’d do well to strengthen the bond to your inner self. Yoga, spa treatments and morning strolls are all recommended. Mental stress will affect the Horse in the coming year. You could struggle with an illness such as depression because Horses are particularly susceptible to boredom and get restless and fidgety if life becomes too mundane. Avert negative feelings by spending time with good friends and by learning to laugh at life’s little absurdities.


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