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It’s the Year of the Wooden or ‘Green’ Sheep. What does that mean for Your Sign? Read Your 2015 Chinese Horoscope! The last in our Series: Sign of the Pig…

Posted by Vanessa Vachet | 02.19.15

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

We’ve finally reached the end of our Horoscope Series. We hope you enjoyed reading your 2015 Forecasts!

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We might also check in during the year to ask how your future is unfolding…


Your 2015 Forecast for the Sign of the PIG


Sign of the Pig

Sign of the Pig


To learn more information on the Year of the Wood Sheep, click this link, to read our previous article.

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Positive Traits: Sincere, Gregarious, Diligent, Nurturing and Unpretentious

Negative Traits: Naive, Materialistic, Superficial, Stubborn and Gullible


The Year of the Sheep will bring significant changes for the Pig. For starters, you will be very busy in the workplace and there will be many new and exciting opportunities coming your way. You want to do well and you could embark upon a new course of study to improve your chances of success. You will also make excellent contacts this year and your social connections will open several new doors.


You may feel short on love, though. In relationships, there may be a feeling that both parties want different things. Maybe you’ve been drifting apart for some time? A lack of physical closeness also doesn’t help. You may have to re-evaluate your personal life and there could be a major breakup if things don’t improve. Yet, if you decide to stay, your love will only deepen and intensify.


There will be new optimism about your finances this horoscope year. Long-standing debts will be paid off and monetary obligations will diminish. That means you’ll have extra cash in 2015. There will be a steady influx of money and because of this, Pigs will be more positive and optimistic. Get ready for a totally new lifestyle, because, after July, you could be headed towards even greater prosperity!


The year of the Sheep will also bring new, emotional insights into how you work as an individual. You will learn more about yourself than ever before. Diligence is what you worked on last year. This year, you will have to learn patience. Fortune will smile upon you and your endeavours, if you do.


This is a good year to turn your dreams into reality, Pigs. This is also a good year for travel. Plan a long vacation. Get out of your home, away from others, and escape the turmoil of your career and your family burdens, at least for a little while.


♠ Career: 2015 will be an important year for networking. Use your natural charisma and make new connections that will open up new opportunities. A job promotion is possible. However, if you need a change of workplace, this is the time to strike out on your own. Think about what you really want, career-wise, and go after it! Start putting yourself out there and make the most out of your social connections. If you do, something big could be headed your way!


♦ Wealth: You’ve been careful with money these last few years and it’s finally paying off. Your investments will reap huge profits or you may come into money from an unexpected source. Because of this, you will find yourself in a position where you can splurge a little bit. Find pleasure in the finer things in life; fine wine, artisan chocolates, new clothes, maybe even a world class concert? The world is your oyster dear Pigs! Have a little fun. You’ve earned it.


♥ Love: When it comes to relationships you tend to be an idealist, but in the Year of the Sheep, you will find yourself on the more practical side. You will separate dream from reality and will come away with a better understanding of yourself. You may find that your relationships are being tested, but if it’s meant to be, the love will endure. Either way, you’re not short on love prospects this year. Love is ready to blossom in so many places. Look around, Pigs, it’s everywhere!  


♣ Health: You’re working hard this year, but remember to take some time out to rest your body and your mind. Be careful with your diet and avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking. You might find you’re more open to new paths of wellness this year. Especially once you see the results. Maybe it’s a newfound love of yoga. Or even a love of dance? An early morning meditation could easily become your secret stay-happy weapon!


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