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A Korean Legend in Vancouver!

Posted by QEQ Intern | 07.19.12

When I was plodding through the crowds around the Yaletown Skytrain station after work, I accidentally stepped on top of a Vancouver Whitecaps’ poster.  I looked down and took a closer look at the poster, and instantly recognized that the man in the middle was a well-known Korean player named “Lee Young Pyo”, one of the few Korean players known to be a “legend.” I was captivated by a sudden rush of Korean pride and nostalgia to see him in Vancouver, standing tall amongst a group of players from different backgrounds. I never thought that miles and miles away from my Korean home, that I would see  a familiar, iconic face such as Lee Young Pyo!

I found out later that Mr. Lenarduzzi, the President of The Vancouver Whitecaps, is considering a strategy of recruiting even more players from the Asian market, including China, Japan, and Korea, to help increase the proportion of Asian fans attracted to the sport of soccer. Truly great idea. — Posted by Philip Cho, Marketing Intern at QEQ from Korea.