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My intern life!!

Posted by QEQ Intern | 01.23.15
Yuki is leaving.

See you, Yuki. Best of luck!

I’ve just finished my 12 week internship. I feel it was short time but I have experienced a lot of things. Alisa gave me so many great opportunities. I went to many places where I would never go if I were just a Japanese university student. I met people who I would never meet if I were in Japan. Also, she gave me responsibilities. Before I started internship, I had thought intern students didn’t get important tasks and just did easy chores. However, I attended a lot of meetings and even chaired some meetings. I sent a lot of business emails and sometimes call. I wrote some articles and posted our blog. So many things were going with depending on me. It was surprising.

First 3 weeks, I felt so nervous and unrelieved to take some responsibilities. I always suspected that I was wrong. However after a few weeks past, I got used to working. I could deal with many tasks without somebody’s help. I could manage time and finish my tasks by deadline. I was busy but I enjoyed that business. Even though I was just an internship student, I felt that I contribute to company. My self-confidence has grown a lot.

Additionally, I could notice many things about myself. I had thought I was good at time management before I started internship. Now, I noticed I’m not good at time management. I could finish my tasks by deadline because I worked over time. After I noticed that, I tried to finish my tasks without extra time. Also, I noticed that writing is enjoyable for me. Last 3 weeks, I had some writing tasks. All tasks had different topic and object but I enjoyed writing those articles a lot.

I appreciate that Alisa trusts me and leaves many valuable tasks to me. I appreciate that Tina teaches me a lot of business foundations. My objective is to be a good worker like Alisa and Tina. I believe we can meet at business conference again. The experiences and memories I got at Quote EndQuote are my treasure. Thank you for everything, everyone.

–intern Yuki Minai from Japan