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Really? You wouldn’t watch “Ultra Rich Asian Girls”?

Posted by Tina | 06.18.14

One of the buzzes a couple of weeks ago in Vancouver is the casting call for the show “Ultra Rich Asian Girls in Vancouver”.

Most of the mainstream Canadian population have a negative view on the making of the show, criticizing that the show would promote materialism. Most people claims that they wouldn’t watch the show and that the show is a waste of time. Really? They won’t watch it?

a comment on Vancity Buzz’s Facebook post

The announcement of this show on Vancity Buzz’s Facebook post received the such high engagement from the public, with almost a thousand Likes and Shares, and five hundred comments. Obviously, the show is generating quite a bit of attention.

Proved by the success of Real Housewives reality show series,  people are about the world of the rich, about how life would be like without the worry of money. HBICtv is definitely generating more curiosity as the world of ultra rich Asians is even more unreachable and exclusive. Everyday we see these Asian driving the best sports cars on the street, holding purses with the most luxurious brands, going in and out the highest class hotels and residential areas. We can’t help looking at them, thinking how their life is like.

The producer of the show Kevin L. is making the show not only for the buzz, he hopes that the show would flip the poor railway worker image of Chinese, and elevate the dumb brainless image of rich Chinese. He wants to tell the mainstream audience that the ultra rich Asian are also just people, they have to face problems that many other faces, such as finding a job.

Comments on Global and Mail’s article about the show:


What about Chinese? Would they be offended by this show?


For the recent 20 years, China has been getting out of poverty and become one of the wealthiest countries in the world. According to the recent Hurun magazine report “Hurun Rich List,” over the past five years, the number of billionaires in China has doubled. China is now second only after the United States which boasts about 400 billionaires. The first generation of entrepreneurs rose quickly to the rank of the world’s wealthiest, some still in their prime time of early 40s. However the whole country doesn’t get rich all together. The distance between the rich and the poor is farther than ever, creating two separate worlds within a country. While the parents are too busy working, the next generation from the poor have plenty of time looking and comparing themselves with the “fu’erdai”, which means “rich second generation”.

In comparing with North Americans, people in China have fewer social and medical benefits, and thus only amassing money would make them feel safe and financially secure. Looking up to money and status is socially acceptable, and everyone aspires to squeeze into the world of the rich. Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese TV dramas about romance between a rich guy and a poor girl are always popular in China. HBICtv has provided a chance to peek into the REAL ultra rich Asian’s lives. Will Chinese be interested in it? There’s no doubt. Likely this show would not only be popular among Chinese living in Vancouver, but Chinese all over the world.

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