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Asian Fonts

If the text you are reading are full of annoying “squares” or question marks (“?”), it could be remedied by changing your language settings to be able to view Asian characters such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Sanskrit characters such as Punjabi, Hindi or Urdu.

On a MAC or PC, if you are trying to view foreign characters using a Microsoft Office program (eg. MS Word, etc.) you can change your language settings for all their Microsoft Office products under “Options”. If this doesn’t work, or if you’re using a graphics program, you will need to download the fonts yourself.

In English, a common font that most computers can read is Arial. Similarly, there are common computer fonts in other languages. Below is a list of common fonts used for computers, across all platforms:

Traditional Chinese: Hei
Simplified Chinese: Hei
Punjabi: Raavi
Hindi: Mangal

Here are the instructions to install and replace fonts in a document.

Installing font Process using Windows Operating System

  1. When you turn your computer on what you will be looking at is your “desktop”. Click with the right mouse button in the desktop area and a menu will open next to the mouse pointer. Select “New” and then “Folder”.
  2. Download the fonts you would like to use in the folder you have created.
  3. Use your mouse to select all the fonts you want to install in your computer and then click with the right mouse button in one of them (make sure all the fonts are select, otherwise you will install just the one you’ve clicked). After that a menu will open, click “install“.

Replacing fonts Process using Microsoft Word

  1. You might find editors with different steps to replace the fonts, but usually the process is the same or very similar. Here we will explain how to replace the font in the Microsoft Word with any other font type, it could be Chinese, Punjabi, Japanese or any other typos:
  2. Open the text file you want to change.
  3. Holding the left mouse button, select the text that you want to replace with.
  4. Click the down black arrow next to the font on the format bar (see screen capture below) and scroll down to find the new font. Click the font you want to use and the selected text will change.

Sometimes when you install the font with the text editor opened, you can’t find
the new typo on the font list. If that is the case, it’s necessary to finish the program and reopen it.