Quote EndQuote Cross-Cultural Strategy


Services we offer that will impact your bottom line:

  • marketing consultation
  • creative strategies
  • creative production
  • copywriting (original or adaptation/transliteration)
  • proofreading (in-language)
  • social media (including Sina Weibo, WeChat)
  • media planning
  • media buying
  • event activation (street teams, brand ambassadors)
  • negotiating event sponsorships
  • event management
  • cultural intelligence training
  • cultural interpretation
  • secret shopping
  • media relations
  • public relations


We develop strategies that leverage Canada’s cultural diversity.

It’s more than multicultural marketing, or translating a website, an ad or a brochure.

It’s about making an impression against the most connected generation in history, as well as the least. Dubbed “visible minorities” by the Canadian government during a time where equality had to be legislated, our culturally diverse consumers don’t just demand attention, they’re playing by their own rules: they represent over $80 billion consumer spend.

Whether you’re targeting the millennials who straddle two or more cultures, the established boomers and zoomers who immigrated in the 70’s or earlier, international students, or the affluent investor class, we can target them.

They can be educated and active in Canadian society. Or maybe they only operate within their own community.

Either way, they speak their own language, even if it’s just English.

They have deep interests that often cross oceans, whether it be Bollywood stars, Korean drama, sports, politics, business, or simply friends and family.

They all have a need to know about your organization. Mostly because that’s the last piece of “equality” that’s missing from their lives — the knowledge of who to ask, where to go, how to do it, why and why not.

At QEQ, our culturally diverse team members leverage their community networks and ethnic traditional and non-traditional media to help Canadian organizations integrate and connect seamlessly into their world. We utilize cultural insights and research to develop strategies that speak to your customers’ cultural consciousness — think import vehicle buyers vs domestic. We seek opportunities for meaningful interactions.

A full-service marketing agency, we guide organizations on a cultural adventure. We create culturally-tailored or a welcoming, culturally-accessible experience. Either way, it’ll be conducive to building trial, trust, relevance and loyalty among your consumers.

We’ll develop action plans that incorporate cultural diversity within your organization’s four-pillar approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable business practices (Community, Environment, Workplace, Marketplace).

“No two languages are ever sufficiently similar to be considered as representing the same social reality. The worlds in which different societies live are distinct worlds, not merely the same world with different labels attached.” 
― Amy Tan