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Target Chinese Travellers – VCM BC Chinese Resident Campaign

Posted by Tina | 07.28.14

Infographic about Chinese travellers in BC

Tourism partners, now is the time to book the Early Fall Campaign and Late Fall Campaign!

Now in its fourth year, Vancouver, Coast & Mountains and Quote EndQuote Cross-Cultural Strategy Inc. are running campaigns to target Chinese residents in BC. The BC Chinese Resident Campaigns aims to encourage BC residents with Chinese background to explore the region so that when their family and friends come to visit from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, they will be able to act as knowledgeable tour guides, able to recommend where to go and what to do.

Campaign Period: 6 weeks (Early Fall Campaign: Sep 8 – Oct 19; Late Fall Campaign: Oct 27 – Dec 7th)
Languages: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
Media: Your promotional information will be featured on VCM’s official Chinese website www.laVAN8.com, plus social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo in Chinese, plus much more!
Packages: Plans starting at $550 + tax
Booking Deadline: ASAP for Early Fall Campaign; Sep 24 for Late Fall Campaign
Perfect for: Retailers, dining, hotels, attractions, events, activities

“Vancouver, Coast & Mountain’s BC Chinese Residents Campaign is the perfect vehicle for Tourism Harrison to advertise to an important and growing market segment. For marketing to be truly effective it needs to communicate a message in a clear and understandable way. From the VCM Chinese website, laVAN8.com, we are seeing a 50% increase in Chinese language-based visitors and a 20% increase in online traffic from Richmond over last year. Tourism Harrison has participated in the BC Chinese Residents Campaign continuously for over a year and are very happy with the level of service provided by the team at Quote EndQuote Cross-Cultural Strategy and the results that have been achieved.”
– Robert Reyerse, Tourism Harrison