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YWCA 2014 Women of Distinction Award Nomination

Posted by Alisa | 04.23.14

On the seventh anniversary of QEQ, I received some beautiful news. The most respected executive director of AMSSA, Lynn Moran, had nominated me for the prestigious YWCA 2014 Women of Distinction Award.

31st Annual Women of Distinction Photoshoot

A decade ago, I peered into a crystal ball, opportunistically provided by Ipsos Reid when I started selling multicultural advertising at OMNI TV, formerly Channel M. In this crystal ball appeared images of a robust Canada, its constituents happily co-existing, building economic wealth for a strong Canada, leading world innovations in areas such as technology, health care, infrastructures, and healthy living. Many of the constituents were non-Europeans and were relatively new to Canada, regardless, were respected for their contributions to Canadian society.

These constituents represented the direction of the future of marketing — omniculture marketing.

Not seeing an agency that offered the breadth of services that would enable organizations build best practices in marketing, diversity and inclusion, I tapped into all my connections, wrote my business plan, and held my launch party in April 2007 at the Vancouver International Centre for Asian Contemporary Art, complete with colourful bhangra dancers.

My sense of responsibility to all constituents in Canada grew through the belief that QEQ is accountable to not only our clients, but also their customers. My volunteer work involving immigrants, cultures, youth and settlement, reflects this responsibility.

I’m honored at this stage of my life journey and adventure to be recognized alongside other passionate nominees for the Women of Distinction Award. In recognition of their invaluable work, I commend YWCA for offering the Healthy Choices For Youth program.